6th March 2024, International Centre, Telford,  TF3 4JH


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PI-KEM Limited


Here at PI-KEM, we know that the future of energy is targeted toward a far-reaching and more sustainable, solid solution.

This is why we’ve invested heavily in sourcing and stocking the best equipment and materials needed to accelerate your hydrogen research and development. From solid oxide fuel cell chemicals and components to electrolysers – we’ve got all the new energy conversion materials and consumables you need.

And that’s not all. We firmly believe that knowledge is power. Our expert team is happy to offer guidance across a wide range of subjects from niche material sourcing to global trade and logistics expertise.




The Advanced Propulsion Centre UK (APC) collaborates with UK government, the automotive industry and academia to accelerate the industrialisation of technologies, supporting the transition to deliver net-zero emission vehicles.

For more information go to apcuk.co.uk or follow us @theapcuk on X and Advanced Propulsion Centre UK on LinkedIn.




AERZEN is further expanding its portfolio of screw compressors for hydrogen compression. About three-quarters of all matter consists of hydrogen atoms. As the smallest (and lightest) molecule, gaseous H2 occupies a particularly large volume and is extremely volatile. However, the flammable and slightly explosive gas can release a lot of energy without producing greenhouse gases. That is why it is so valuable compared to fossil fuels.

AERZEN has specialist teams of product managers for blowers, oil-free compressors, vacuum boosters, biogas and process gas blowers and compressors, that are providing class-leading efficiencies and WLCs to industry.




Headquartered in the UK, we provide the systems, tools, materials and services needed for the design, build, test and development of hydrogen energy solutions including fuel cells, electrolysers and hybrid technologies. We also offer a range of solutions and equipment for educational laboratories, classrooms and field projects. These include preprepared coursework and trainer materials.
Our broad product range and in-house expertise support our consultative approach, working closely with our customers to define the best solutions for their needs and, critically, to provide ongoing support services.
We represent leaders in the field including Scribner Associates and Heliocentris, LeanCat and FuelCellMaterials.


Atlas Copco Compressors


With almost 150 years of experience in compressed air and gas solutions, Atlas Copco’s products meet the applications, process needs and specific requirements of a wide cross-section of industries, including renewable energy and green hydrogen production. Atlas Copco supplies hydrogen compressors and boosters for on-site hydrogen generation. Our products are designed for mobility and easy installation and are engineered with a modular design to ensure reliability and uptime for the user. Our hydrogen compression technology comes fully tested and functional to support various sectors in their mission to supply cleaner fuel for a sustainable future.


ATMOS Communications


On a mission to accelerate growth within the hydrogen and net zero space, Atmos communications is the leading full-service brand building and communications group for the sector; bringing together a unique blend of strategic communications, Public Affairs, Digital, Social, Branding & Design.

Working exclusively with hydrogen and net zero innovators, our passion lies in building world-class brands, businesses & reputations, as well as creating a net-positive impact on the planet; with the focus on where we can have the greatest impact on decarbonisation & mitigating climate change.


Caltest Instruments


Caltest Instruments offer high level technical/applications support, an extensive range of sale, demo and rental equipment and a comprehensive service/UKAS calibration department.
Caltest proudly represent a number of industry leading manufacturers supplying:

AC and DC Power Sources and Loads
Battery Testers
Power Analysers
Wound Product Testers
Frequency Converters
Electricity Meter Testers and Calibrators
HiPot Testers
Digital Multimeters
And much more…


co-ax valves uk ltd


Muller Coax are the original manufacturer and developer of coaxial valve technology.
With world wide coverage we have over 60 years of experience in many differing areas of valve applications and supplying to blue chip companies including Linde, Rolls Royce , GE for varying needs including Hydrogen where we have a selection of valves to consider.


Enabled Future Limited


Enabled Future Limited offers consulting, multi-client reports, thought leadership and training aimed at Optimizing Technology Portfolios and ensuring continued profitability of companies over time. Key sectors served include catalysis (EnabledCatalysts), the circular economy (EnabledCircular) and sustainable energy and power (EnabledPower). Key technology areas include catalysts, net zero technologies: carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS), circular manufacturing, power-to-x, hydrogen; production, use, reuse and recycling of fuel cells, electrolysers, lithium ion batteries, rare earth components and other high-value metals and critical raw materials.




Our pressure transmitters stand out as reliable, accurate, and technologically advanced- adaptable to various applications and playing a pivotal role in many industries including oil & gas, hydrogen, aerospace, marine, hazardous area and general industrial.

ESI’s commitment to innovation is evident in our continuous efforts to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. We invest in research and development to improve the performance and capabilities of our product ranges, ensuring that customers benefit from the latest advancements in pressure measurement technology.




HARTING is a leading supplier of industrial connectivity technology, manufacturing products for the transmission of data, signals and power. We offer a range of connectivity solutions for use in the production, transportation and storage of hydrogen, including Han® Ex connectors for explosion-hazardous environments.

In addition, HARTING Customised Solutions, based at our Northampton production facility, develops bespoke connectivity and cabling products. We manufacture robust and space-saving connectivity boxes, available in stainless or powder-coated steel, and complete cable assemblies for fuel cells in the rail, marine and other key sectors. All our bespoke products are factory built and 100% electrically tested onsite.


Hiden Analytical


Hiden Analytical celebrates over 40 years of design, development and manufacture of quadrupole mass spectrometers. Our products address a diverse range of applications – precision gas analysis, plasma diagnostics by direct measurement of plasma ions and ion energies, SIMS probes for UHV surface science, catalysis performance quantification, thermo-gravimetric studies – over a pressure range extending from 30 bar processes down to UHV/XHV.

With sales and service centres situated across the globe, Hiden Analytical is committed to providing a fast, friendly and professional response, through our teams of application specialists, wherever our customers are located.




The Hydrasun model of fast & reliable supply of products, services and integrated solutions aligned with our innovative engineering and technology development has enabled us to develop an extensive track record in the fast developing Hydrogen marketplace and to support the worldwide drive to decarbonise economies and industry and achieve net-zero emissions.

We offer the market a specialist service in the design, engineering, assembly, integration, installation, commissioning, project management and ongoing maintenance of hydrogen systems.

Supporting our customers through the Energy Transition with a focus on delivering outstanding service, safety, quality, reliability, innovation, performance & value for money.


Ivys Adsorption Inc.


Ivys designs, manufactures and supplies high-performance and innovative pressure swing adsorption (PSA) equipment for the purification and generation of ultra-pure hydrogen and other industrial gases, carbon capture and biogas upgrading. Ivys’ PSAs are the most compact, economical and reliable systems available today. The application includes on-site H2 generation via SMR syngas for vehicle refueling (HRS), distributed H2 generation via SMR for HRS and industrial use (H2 Hub), renewable H2 generation via gasification, pyrolysis, or biological processes, H2 purification from ammonia cracking gas, H2 recovery from industrial process gases, CO2 capture from combustion flue gas and process gases.


KELLER Pressure Sensors


KELLER – The leading manufacturer of pressure transducers and transmitters.
All KELLER products are made in Switzerland which is a guarantee of quality and reliability.
Handling hydrogen is a challenge in itself – to measure it accurately and consistently even more so.
Access our years of accumulated experience with H2 applications for your project.
• Well established KELLER quality and accuracy
• Low embrittlement rate due to nickel-alloy parts
• Reduced H2-diffusion through gold-plated membrane
• Full metal sealing, no elastomer in contact with the medium
• ATEX certified intrinsically safe option for hazardous areas
• Various process and electrical connections


KNF Neuberger UK Ltd 


KNF develops, produces and distributes high-quality diaphragm pumps for neutral and aggressive gases and liquids.   They are used in many demanding applications across a wide range of diverse industries and are recognised throughout the world for their quality, reliability and performance.

We have years of experience working with hydrogen.  Our market leading pump technology meets the high requirements of this element.  Be it robust materials, high gas tightness, explosion safety or durability.  Our pumps can be used for hydrogen transfer, compression and evacuation.

Contact us to discuss to your application further – KNF your partner for customised pumps and solutions.


LAUDA Technology Ltd.


LAUDA is the global leader in the manufacture of innovative Constant temperature equipment and systems for science, application technology and R&D. With over 60 years experience, LAUDA has been providing solutions into the automotive sector and has seen a rapid growth in sales accompanying the expansion in new technologies such as the growing Hydrogen sector, especially chillers for electrolysers and Hydrogen refuelling stations. LAUDA offers a wide temperature range from -150 degC to +550 degC.


Orbital Fabrications Ltd 


Orbital Fabrications are an industry specialist in the field of manufacturing high purity stainless steel pipework, manifolds, and control systems for high pressure hydrogen management. We will be showcasing our latest developments and innovations in TIG welding, utilising both automated orbital welding techniques alongside lathe and turntable TIG welding. Our support services include comprehensive in-house design, through to test and validation, including in-house helium mass spectrometry for leak detection. High pressure testing beyond 1000 bar is also available, along with full material certification. For high purity applications, all fabrication, assembly, and testing is conducted within our ISO class cleanroom facilities.


Phoenix Contact Ltd. 


Empower the All-Electric Society through Power-to-X technology. Harness renewable energies like wind and solar at scale, enabling distribution, storage, and on-demand availability. Optimise energy production with our efficient, secure digital solutions. We assist in automating, electrifying, and digitalising Power-to-X processes. Explore our robust, explosion-proof products designed for the hydrogen industry, resistant to vibration and temperature.

Manage Fuel Cells, Electrolysers, Compressors, or entire plants, seamlessly and securely.

Join forces with Phoenix Contact to build a sustainable future together!


Seetru Limited 


Seetru Limited manufacture safety relief valves for all applications. For hydrogen we have valves with up to 1100 bar set pressures.
We have valves for all aspects of the hydrogen chain, from production, storage, transportation, compression and fuelling.


Swagelock Manchester


Swagelok Manchester offers a wide range of fluid system components for use in many types of hydrogen-related applications including the infrastructure that produces, transports, compresses, stores, and fills cylinders with hydrogen and for on-vehicle use. One of the most formidable challenges in the development of safe, reliable, and leak-tight hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and infrastructure is the nature of hydrogen itself. In 2023, Swagelok Manchester is celebrating 45 years of experience as a fluid system solutions provider, assisting our customers with high-quality product provision through to unique problem resolution.




The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), part of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, was established to prove innovative manufacturing processes and technologies in an agile environment in partnership with industry, academia and other institutions. MTC houses some of the most advanced manufacturing equipment in the world, creating a high-quality environment for the development and demonstration of new technologies on an industrial scale to support net zero. We support and enable the hydrogen industry through our expertise and innovation across the value chain, from production through to distribution and on to end use, accelerating the development and delivery of new hydrogen technologies.


The Utile Engineering Co. LTD



Trafag (UK) Limited 


Trafag is one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-quality sensors and monitoring devices for pressure, temperature and SF6 gas density. In addition to a wide range of standardised, configurable products, Trafag also develops tailored solutions for OEM customers. Trafag’s pressure transmitters, pressure switches, temperature transmitters and thermostats are used in shipbuilding, hydraulics, the railway industry, large engines, EX zones, water treatment systems, test benches, and more.

High-performance development and production departments not only guarantee the fast and reliable delivery of our high-quality and high-precision products, but also ensure that customization’s can be implemented in no time at all.